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We don’t want your brand-new wool or wool blend clothing to shrink either! For 99.99% of the wool items we sell, we highly recommend dry cleaning them only. If you do need to wash them, spot treat them as needed by dipping them in the water gently and cleaning them by hand. Please do not use any setting on a washing machine to wash your wool. It is the agitation in the washer that causes the worst kind of shrinkage, even on the gentlest of cycles. Also, wool should never be dried in your dryer – lay it flat to dry.

Critters sometimes like to gnaw on wool and other natural threads: there are cedar wood hangars, a cedar chest or other cedar made tools available in order to deter anything munching on your new clothes.

Our custom kilts start at $425 for a medium weight wool 5-yard kilt.

We charge a flat rate of $9.95 to ship your order anywhere within United States. We do not ship outside of the United States.

We will process your online order in our Annapolis store and ship in-stock items within 24 hours. We ship using USPS Priority Mail, and it will take approximately 2–4 business days to arrive.

When ordering custom items, please allow additional time for shipping. Custom kilts take approximately 6 – 12 weeks.    Made to order tartan accessories require 3 – 6 weeks for delivery.   Personalized heritage items with family crests or coats of arms may take between  3 weeks and 3 months, depending on the item ordered  (noted in item descriptions).

A Tartan: a specific pattern of colors woven together in a single fabric. These patterns are associated with thousands of families, regions, and organizations.
A Kilt: an article of clothing traditionally worn by Celtic men. It is a single piece of pleated cloth (5 yards, 8 yards or more), wrapped and buckled around a man’s waist. A sporran is often worn in front for carrying things, and a  kilt pin keeps the kilt from flying in the wind and revealing the fact that nothing else was worn with a kilt (traditionally). Today, many men wear the kilt for ceremonial events, for wedding parties, for a nod to their heritage, or for just plain utilitarian reasons.
Highland Wear:  Elements of the full ensemble that is worn by Irish & Scottish men for formal events: a kilt, a “Prince Charlie” tailed coat and vest, a sporran, a sgian dubh, flashes, hose, ghillie brogues (dress shoes), a collared shirt and tie, a kilt belt and belt buckle, and a kilt pin.

This is a great question and requires some historical research into your roots.  Is there someone in your family from Scotland or Ireland? If so, check out the tartans that have been registered to their surname or home county. Irish tartans are typically chosen based on where someone’s family is from, while Scottish tartans are typically connected to a family surname.  Not all surnames have a tartan, and not all tartans are currently in production.  There are a few other ways to find an available tartan that reflects your heritage.

  1. Is there someone else in your family tree, or a maiden name of a marriage in your family tree with another surname? It is entirely up to you whose tartan you would like to wear. Also, many Scottish families have clans that their ancestors were connected to even though they may have had different last names.
  2. What general region in Ireland or Scotland are your relatives from?  Often gentlemen will sport the tartan of their Irish home county, and we can guide you in the right direction if you have a sense of the region. We also have Scottish district tartans available.
  3. Did a “23-and-me” style genealogy test mention where in Ireland you may have inherited your genes from? Some of those tests are becoming very specific!
  4. We also have a selection of service tartans: tartans that have been created  for various service, law enforcement, and military branches.
  5. There are also several “Universal” tartans: the Irish National, Scottish National, Black Watch and Royal Stewart tartans are included.
  6. Finally, the proposed Maryland State tartan is appropriate for all with a connection to the Old Line State.

Truthfully, one’s tartan is in the eye of the beholder. For those of us of Irish-American or Scottish-American descent, we are often connected to many clans and counties. Whichever tartan you connect with most is the tartan for you.

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