Kilt Rental

Highland Dress, and the Tartan, are among the most Powerful, Romantic, and Dramatic of all the symbols of the Celts.


We provide the Black Watch Dress tartan for all of our kilt rentals. The Black Watch is an accepted tartan for both Irish and Scottish families. The Dress Watch tartan photographs very well and looks great with virtually any bridal colors.


In addition to the Kilt, our rentals provide a Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest, Kilt Belt & Buckle, Sporran & Sporran Chain, Kilt Pin, Sgian Dubh (safety version), Hose Flashes, and Black Bow Tie. Kilt Hose is available for purchase. All you need to provide is a white shirt and black shoes.

Rental Fees:

At the time of a reservation, there is a non-refundable fee of $100.00 per kilt. This reserves the kilt and is deducted from the rental fee. The balance of the rental fee is paid when the kilts are picked up.

For a three-day period:
Complete Kilt Outfit…………………$199.99
Kilt —no jacket or vest…………….$129.99
Jacket & Vest—no kilt……………..$129.99


Fittings should take place three months prior to the event. During the fitting, our expert staff will make sure you understand the proper way to wear the kilt.

Fine Gifts in the Celtic Tradition

The original Great Kilt was made from wool, often grown on one’s own sheep. It measured approximately 9 yards of fabric and when one wanted a full kilt, he would order “the whole nine yards.”

Today’s kilts are much more refined and Irish Traditions is proud to feature kilts made by the internationally renowned House of Edgar, located in Perth, Scotland.

Our rental kilts are made of four yards of 13-ounce fabric woven to the highest standard. This style of the kilt is perfect to ensure comfort in our climate.

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