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Irish Traditions: The Celtic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life If you have ever watched a movie that had trees of [...]

Celtic Knots

Celtic knots date back to the 5th century and were used extensively by ancient monks [...]

The Irish Marriage Bell

Irish Tradition has it that every young couple should receive at least one bell as a [...]

The Story of the Irish Harp

 The Irish Harp The Story of the Irish Harp is integral to Ireland and Irish [...]

The Salmon of Knowledge

Originally posted May 1, 2014.  Updated July 24, 2016. Legend tells the story of how [...]

The Story of the Celtic Cross

Originally posted April 1, 2014 The magnificent High Crosses of the Celts, famed for their [...]

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The Story of the Shamrock

Originally posted March 1, 2014. Long ago, when Ireland was the land of Druids, a [...]

The Aran Sweater

Originally posted October 8, 2012. The Aran sweater name originates from the tiny community of [...]

Fall Equinox

Originally posted September 20, 2013.  Equinox means “equal night” – day and night are about [...]

The Spirals of Newgrange

Originally posted September 20, 2013.  Marking the entrance rock to the ancient tomb in Ireland, [...]